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CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: Please don't order more than 4 bottles or your customs may send them back. Also orders of 2-4 bottles can take THREE MONTHS in Canadian customs without ability to track!

40 mg Buckminsterfullerene C60 in 50 ml Cretan extra virgin olive oil. Prepared exactly the same way as in the famous incidental rat longevity study where C60-treated rats lived 90% longer and achieved unheard of lifespans of nearly 6 years. C60 is the world's best neutralizer of harmful free radicals and a universal, recyclable-by-the-body antioxidant (able to donate as well as accept multiple electrons without being used up itself). Antioxidant comparabe to 175x that of vit. C, but vit. C gets 'used up" as well as eliminated by the kidneys and is not fat-soluble. So the actual effectiveness to protect cells from degradation of this product is in a completely different class and can not be compared to vit. C or any other substance, as Lipofullerene C60 neutralizes free radicals such as normally lethal doses of hepatotoxins as shown in rat obduction photographs on our site. Vit. C can't neutralize many types of chemicals and free radicals and vit. C can't reach lipid-rich locations in a biological organism.

Dosing recommendation is in the extended descritption

After taking it for about a month, according to the rat results you should be able to take a multi-month break with no diminished effect. These bottles are new - they are totally light-tight and the pipettes work better than the previous ones. We also greatly reduced the price of the product, since we now fully automated production.


Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products)
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