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2 mm SMALL DERMASTAMP (12 needles)
2 mm SMALL DERMASTAMP (12 needles)
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Sale price: $ 8.00

(Photo is of a 1.5 mm dermastamp)

Dermastamp with 12 needles with a length of 2 mm and a base thickness of 0.25 mm. The area with needles is less than 6 mm (1/4") wide. The needles are made of surgical steel. Gamma-sterilized.

A dermastamp, in terms of treatment surface area and targeting precicion, falls between the single needle and the dermaroller.

This smaller dermastamp hurts less than the larger 35-needled one and penetrates easily. It is ideal for areas where the increased precision is an advantage, such as individual small scars on the face and individual stretchmarks. This small stamp fits inside your hand so you can stamp easily and rapidly with it.

As with rollers or the single needle, “stamping” the skin will make tiny holes that heal very rapidly. The procedure triggers collagen production and remodels scars.

Ideal for treating individual acne scars or stretchmarks. Accurate treatment of the entire shape and perimeter of smaller scars, much faster than the single needle.

The needles of a dermastamp penetrate deeper than equal-length needles of a dermaroller so do a small test patch first to see how your skin will react.

We recommend Chloramine-T to sterilize dermastamps.

The protective cap on these devices is very tight and hard to remove. Please be careful removing it, because an involuntary movement may cause the needles to be hit with the cap.

Needle size guide, sterilization tips and dermaneedling instructions (PDF)


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