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Derminator magnet
Derminator magnet
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Sale price: $ 3.00

20 mm long, 6 mm diameter Neodymium magnet. N52 strength (size & strength especially produced for us because the strongest grade available online is N48).

Unless you turn the machine on, tell it it has a needle cartridge mounted while it has not, aim it at the equivalent of a botomless pit and start "needling" without a cartridge (in spite of our warnings not to do that), you won't ever need a spare magnet. Because we have free shipping to most addresses, we have a minimum order amount of $19 so we suggest buying more than one and/or add a few needle cartridges.

Neodymium magnets chip easily, do not play with them. The magnet, when a machine has been used heavily, will get some cracks in its chrome coating and then will rust when it's left in a moist hand unit (blood or water). It should then be replaced because it can get stuck in the hand unit otherwise. In very rare cases, after very heavy use in clinics, a magnet can get partially demagnetized (weaker) and then the derminator can potentially get power-issues (not being able to needle deep enough, rattling, stalling, hand unit getting too warm). Replacing the magnet will solve this.
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