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Lufenuron (Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor)
Lufenuron (Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor)
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Sale price: $ 27.00

9 grams Lufenuron for a 2-week anti-Candida treatment course. Lufenuron is a Chitin (Candida cell wall) Synthesis Inhibitor.

Don't pay the outrageous prices unethical copycats charge for Chinese pesticide-grade Lufenuron ("Candida Cell Wall Suppressor" etc.) - our Lufenuron is tested by Exova labs to be veterinary-grade - the same quality as required for human medicines. Pesticide-grade Lufenuron has impurities such as traces of heavy metals, organic solvents and fluorides. Our Lufenuron is independently tested by a US branch of Exova, a large multinational laboratory specialized in pharmaceutical purity testing. Our Lufenuron conforms to the strict EU standard for veterinarian medicines, which has identical purity requirements as that of human medicines sold in the European Union. Exova does all tests required to satisfy the EU requirements for Lufenuron specifically.

You can see those test results here. Note that our Lufenuron passes nine strict, EU-mandated quality tests, certifying it as sufficient quality for the EU market because there are no impurities detected.

Our Lufenuron comes uncapsulated because Lufenuron is not water soluble and can only be absorbed when thoroughly mixed into food that contains fat. Capsulated Lufenuron is very poorly absorbed because it forms a powdery lump in the GI tract that can't dissolve properly. In order to dissolve into the fat in the food and be absorbed during the digestive process, it needs to be finely dispersed into the entire meal.

Instructions for use are here. Questions you may have are adressed.

Extensive background info is here.

"Intended for veterinary use." The reason we have to sell it as a veterinary medicine is because of FDA rules. 9 grams are sufficient for two Orang-utans weighing 75 kg (165 lbs) or one Gorilla weighing 150 kg (330 lbs).

Preventing fleas from laying viable eggs

Since flea larvae's eggs also contain Chitin, Lufenuron can be used to prevent fleas from laying viable eggs. The dose to give an animal for this purpose (not to treat Candida) is 10 mg/kg/month, given orally in a single dose. We do not provide any kind of email assistance on interpreting this figure, calculating dosages, weighing them or administering the substance to animals.

This customer says Lufenuron killed an intestinal worm:

We do not give email support for this product. The FDA forces us to state that this product is not intended to cure disease.

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