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We serve more than 15000 US customers a year. Everything you can put in your basket is in stock and shipped the next working day. It takes our shipments four days to arrive at US customs. Normal total transit time is 14 days. January-April is the period where USPS breaks down every year and causes enormous delays (with false tracking status "Origin post is preparing shipment") of up to 12 weeks. We refund 25% to customers who complain about USPS delays to the Postmaster General: Mеgаn J. Brеnnаn, 111 Stοnеgate Drivе, Cаnοnsburg, Pеnnsylvаniа 15317. Of course we fully refund when shipments never arrive.

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We ship for free to nearly all addresses in most countries. Deliveries are always guaranteed.

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