We serve more than 15000 US customers a year. Everything you can put in your basket is in stock and shipped the next working day. It takes our shipments four days to arrive at US customs. Normal total transit time is 14 days. Of course we fully refund when shipments never arrive.

Returns, Refunds, etc.


We only accept returns for reasons within our legal liability, such as sending the wrong product or a damaged, incomplete or faulty product. In that case, we will refund or send a replacement without the need for a return. We do not refund or accept returns for reasons that are beyond our legal responsibility, such as the customer making a mistake in their shipping address, the customer mistakenly ordering the wrong item, a customer dying, the customer being in financial trouble, the customer deciding that shipping is taking longer than they had hoped for, the customer damaging an item or the customer changing their mind about a purchase for any reason whatsoever, including reading a bad "review" written by for example a competitor or getting worried about certain aspects of the product ordered. If you have a valid reason for a refund or a replacement, please contacts us to be informed of the return address via our our support ticket system. We always pay the customer the cost of the return shipping. Often it won't be necessary to return an item.


In case of faulty, damaged or wrong merchandise, we will issue a refund or a replacement. 

Transit times

Mail transit transit times vary, and are always beyond our control. We never sell an item if we do not have it in stock and if we are not ready to dispatch it the next working day after receiving your payment. We dispatch from the Czech Republic in Europe. Tracked orders often go slower than non-tracked orders, because at every step along the way, someone has to do a scan. Strikes, bad weather, national holidays and other factors can cause transit delays.

The average transit time to the US is around ten days but it is no exception that it takes two to three weeks. Due to the fact that USPS often experiences enormous processing delays the first four months of the year, US customers will only be refunded during those months when their order has been longer than ten weeks in transit. More information on these delays can be found at the end of our "Shipping, Tracking & Customs" page.

Price changes

There are many reasons a product can go up or down in price. When we lower the price of a product, this can be because we found a cheaper (part) supplier, because of a change in exchange rate, because of faster, cheaper or more reliable methods of mass-production, reduced cost of labor, increased competition, depreciated tooling, excess stock, reduction in demand, need for cashflow, change in business strategy, emergence of cheaper competing products, expectation of lower service cost due to improved manufacturing procedures, lower prices due to bulk purchases or finding a cheaper supplier, outsourcing of labor, etc. We understand that when a customer paid more for a product that went down in price soon afterwards, that this can be a disappointment. However, it can never be expected that we refund the difference, because it would often mean we'd have little to no profit (or even a loss!) on the sale, if we reduced the price due to our lower cost of production, which is by far the most common reason. The concept of asking a refund due to lowering our price is therefore understandable, but in our eyes nearly always unreasonable. Just as we would never ask previous customers to send us extra money because we found we had to raise prices to make a sustainable profit on a product, neither do we expect previous customers to demand money from us because we lowered prices. Our profit is always the same reasonable, morally justifyable, sustainable-in-a-business-sense amount on every transaction, because that is our philosophy: The lowest price that allows our company to remain in business.


Just as a pharmacy can't guarantee that their medicines will cure you, we can not issue a refund when a product does not yield the expected result, or assume liability when a product caused damage of any kind, e.g. due to not following our instructions. Of course we do guarantee delivery and delivering an undamaged product with the advertised specifications. It is very important to us that you are a satisfied customer. If there is anything about our products or service that you are unhappy with, if it reasonably falls within our responsibility as a vendor we always grant a refund. In that case, please let our dispatch coordinator know via our support ticket system.


Flawed products are usually refunded without the need to return them, a picture will usually do, or we believe the customer on their word.

Contact us

All shipping and guarantee issues should be addressed to our general dispatch manager via our our support ticket system.
We apologize that we can not give personalized product- or treatment advice. For legal reasons we are not permitted to give medical advice.

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