We serve more than 15000 US customers a year. Everything you can put in your basket is in stock and shipped the next working day. It takes our shipments four days to arrive at US customs. Normal total transit time is 14 days. Of course we fully refund when shipments never arrive.


This store uses cookies and Google Analytics tracking but we don't store or obtain any personally identifyable information apart from your ordering details.

We do not share any customer data (such as your email address) with any third party, except when the customer is our opinion guilty of one of the following the following offenses against us: Fraud, libel, blackmail, threat with an offense or making false statements about our company to a 3rd party, where such statements may conceivably damage our company. In those cases we reserve the right to publicly blacklist a customer as per our T&C.

Your credit/debit card payments are handled by secure third parties, so we never have access to your card details.

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