We serve more than 15000 US customers a year. Everything you can put in your basket is in stock and shipped the next working day. It takes our shipments four days to arrive at US customs. Normal total transit time is 14 days. Of course we fully refund when shipments never arrive.

Shipping, Tracking & Customs

Supported destinations

We ship worldwide, except to countries with an in our long experience unreliable postal service, disproportionally high fraud or libel percentage or excessively high support burden or other disproportionate risks or unpleasant issues or behavior. If a country is not in the list of supported billing/shipping destinations when you check out, we do not ship to that country and we do not make exceptions. It is against our Terms and Conditions to divert our products to a non-supported ship-to location, and this includes customers using a mail forwarding service to forward the shipment to a non-supported ship-to location. If a customer violates these terms, our product warrantees will be voided by that act and neither will any type of support be given. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel orders that specify a mail forwarding service as the shipping address. We operate a "lifestyle" business and do not aim to maximise profits at the expense of our quality of life. In general, when a country becomes too much trouble for the amount of turnover it is generating, we permanently drop it from our list of supported destinations. We apologize that the majority of good potential customers in blocked destinations have to suffer for the actions of their fellow citizens. Unfortunately we have no other reliable method of protecting ourselves but to block the entire region. Customers who bought a Derminator® machine are exempt from any country ban, becasue they need to be able to purchase supplies for it. They can contact us and we will temporarily enable their country.

We can not engage into an agreement that we will send by Courier, for several reasons: It would cost at least 100 USD more to ship by courier, and we would have to make a long and arduous trip to deliver the package to the courier (since they refuse to pick up the package unless we open an account with them, which they refuse due to our lack of volume) a location far from our dispatch center. Also, the customer can still dispute the payment, so unless there is a contract, drafted in two languages by attorneys and certified translators, with notarized signature- and ID verification that pledges no payment disputes (which is against EU law), plus deposit for if the customer files such a dispute anyway, we can't engage in such a scheme. Sending cash in the mail will get us arrested for operating a money laundering scheme. So there is absolutely no way we can make exceptions when we do not support your country.

IP-blocked countries and territories

Some countries can not see our website, which is mainly to protect our server against hacking attacks and fraud. Professional hackers (mafia, basically) generally operate from a limited number of jurisdisctions where they are relatively safe for detection and prosecution, and we block those areas. Russia is one of several countries we block. We also block countries with a very significant fraud percentage (Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago, Hawaii in the US) and countries that otherwise caused us much grief.

Invisible products

Some products are liable to confiscation by customs in certain countries. Those products are invisible to visitors from those countries.


Our shipments currently do not seem to incur customs fees to any country we ship to except Norway, but they do incur VAT in countries that have VAT. Please note that customs fees, customs duties and import tax are not the same as VAT. Since we ship from Europe, European customers do not deal with customs at all. Customs delays occur sometimes in case powders are ordered, such as vit. C, Chloramine-T or Pythium oligandrum. The customer agrees to pay custom fees and VAT, when applicable (Canadian customers for ex. can expect to pay CAD 40,- VAT on a Derminator® machine). The customer agrees to only order products which are legal for the customer to be imported, and in case customs confiscates or returns products, the customer agrees to bear the cost. In practice we often refund such customers anyway but we reserve the right to refuse in particular cases. We currently do not sell any products to any countries where any of these products have ever been refused entry by those countries' customs.

Shipping time

It is impossible to say how long a shipment will be in transit for the dozens of countries we ship to. The US sometimes has enormously long (up to three months) transit breakdown delays in January and February, for example. Other countries such as the UK are often subjected to delays due to strikes. Always count on at least two weeks. Three weeks is a good rule of thumb, longer when there are public holidays in between or there are severe weather conditions or strikes in your country. If you think your postal service will give you an honest answer, it is better to ask them because they are aware of their own processing delays. It takes our shipments only four days in transit to the destination country. How long your customs inspection and postal service needs to process and deliver the shipment depends on many factors that are constantly varying. US customers can only get a refund for lost shipments after three months have passed, due to the yearly USPS breakdown disasters that USPS always falsely blames on the sending party. Other customers need to wait six weeks, because that is the limit where the postal services will do an inquiry. However at our discretion, when we think the package should have arrived already, we refund sooner, usually around the 6-weeks mark. Australia Post broke down in 2015 when they got a new manager, fired thousands of workers and started to contract out their parcel delivery service to unethical 3rd parties. This causes delays of around three weeks for our packages, waiting to be delivered once they reached Australia. Article about these problems. Read the reader's comments about the enormous delays for mail from NZ etc.

Shipping method

We use priority international airmail for all shipments. We ship from two locations in the Czech Republic. We can not offer any other type of shipping method.

Delivery is always guaranteed

We guarantee that you will receive your order, whether we sent it tracked or not. The only exception is when the address specified is not 100% complete and 100% correct. In case of a missing order, we may require you to wait from 6 to 12 weeks before we refund, and we reserve the right not to ship to that address anymore. US customers will have to wait for 12 weeks before we can refund, due to possible extreme USPS delays of up to 12 weeks. USPS will lie about the tracking status and claim the shipment is still in the originating country with the erroneous status "Origin post is preparing shipment". All our customers explicitly agree never to file payment disputes and fully abide by and agree with our entire T&C.

Cost of shipping and our tracked shipments policy

We have free shipping to most addresses in most countries.

We charge a $7,- fee for tracked postage in case our store considers the delivery address an above-average risk for disappearing mail, based on nearly a decade of occasional bad experiences with shipping to P.O. boxes, apartments, countries with an unreliable postal service and/or too many fraudulent customers etc. When we noticed an above-average disappearance of shipments to certain address types (often because a third party has access to the mail) or countries, we started to send shipment to these types of addresses always tracked.

Please do not circumvent this policy by getting "creative" in how you format your address so that it will not trigger the fee, because if you do, the following consequences may ensue:

1. We will permanently blacklist such a customer in our store, even before dispatching the merchandise, as soon as we notice the address is incomplete. Even asking "Can I leave out the 'apt' so I am not charged $7?" will result in a blacklisting without further ado. If you deliberately circumvent our tracking fee trigger for certain addresses (for. ex. after having been specifically asked by us over a personal email not to do so and being pointed to this clause in our T&C) then we will blacklist you publicly for fraud, because you steal $7 from us and expose us to to much greater losses in case the shipment never arrives.

2. We will not refund when the order does not arrive, when the address is not 100% correct and 100% complete. We verify the correctness and completeness of an address in case of a refund request. If there is the slightest thing missing from the official full and correct address, we will consider it negligence on behalf of the customer and we will most likely not refund. Our "no payment disputes allowed" clause in our T&C (with public blacklisting as a consequence) also applies to cases where a mistake in the address ensues in a non-delivery.

Order cancellation and customer blacklisting in case of shipping cost complaints

Customers who accuse of us of lying or deceiving advertising practices because the customer thinks that "Free shipping to most addresses" means "Free shipping to all addresses" will be blacklisted in our store and their orders, if possible, will be cancelled and refunded. The reasons are: (1) We like to deal with our customers on a basis of trust and respect, and we expect our customers to trust and respect us as well. Accusing us of lying or deception before an order is even dispatched is a very bad start. (2) When a customer is so bad at English that they think "most" is synonymous with "all", they will certainly not be able to understand our instructional materials, and without such understanding, it is impossible to safely and satisfactorily use our products. We protect the customer's health and user experience as well as our reputation by refusing to sell to customers who are unable to understand sufficient English to comprehend our usage guides.


With "tracked" we mean international registered mail with signature required on delivery. You can check the tracking status here: http://globaltracktrace.ptc.post/gtt.web/ or here: http://www.track-trace.com/post. (Check the originating country (Czech Republic) first, to verify that it has been shipped). US customers can track here: https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input, but please note that USPS routinely and deliberately misreperesents "not scanned yet in NYC" as "Origin post is preparing shipment". The postal services of Canada, New Zealand, the UK, the Netherlands and Australia refuse to provide tracking, but those customers will often find tracking updates here: http://www.trackitonline.ru/?service=track&CCode=EN . Make sure to also select both the destination country ("Canada") and the destination mail carrier ("Canada Post") because autodetection does not work correctly. Tracking numbers are sometimes included with the shipment confirmation email, and sometimes they are separately emailed up to three days later. Purchases of $100,- and above are always sent tracked. Also, if you paid any cost for shipping, the order is also sent tracked. If you placed an order below $100 and you have not been charged a shipping fee but you want to have your order sent tracked, place a - character at the end of your address. This will add tracking to your order.

When sent tracked, the tracking number(s) of (parts of) your order will be emailed in one or more emails some days after "Ready to ship / We shipped" confirmation email.

We will notify you of the tracking number within five working days. Unless that period has passed and you have not received the tracking number, please do not ask us to provide it because we won't be able to. The reason that it takes time to inform you of the tracking number is that our dispatching procedure works as follows:

- We deliver the shipments of the day to the post office,
- The post office processes them the next working day,
- We receive from the post office the tracking numbers on a printout the day after that,
- We manually enter the tracking numbers one working day after that, or a day later in busy times, holiday period etc.

Orders are usually shipped on the next working day. Untracked packages are guaranteed to be delivered or you will receive a full refund. The postal systems of the UK, Australia and the Netherlands refuse to track itl. registered mail, and our customers accept this as part of our terms and conditions. The UK's statement on this issue can be read here: http://tinyurl.com/cnn3cpy. Australia Post's statement can be read here: http://tinyurl.com/dydzr98. You can call Australia Post to obtain tracking info. US customers can use USPS' site for tracking.

We always send you an order confirmation email as soon as your payment cleared and we always send a dispatch confirmation email when we have mailed your order. If you do not receive the order confirmation email within a short time after ordering and the dispatch confirmation within at most two business days, contact our dispatch coordinator via  our support ticket system.

Returned packages

The buyer is responsible for picking up a tracked shipment, and we are under no obligation to refund when it is returned to us for any reason outside our direct responsibility. When the buyer made a mistake in the address or when the mail service does not inform the customer of the shipment, we are not obliged to refund when we can prove we sent a tracked shipment to the address as supplied to us. We always inform the customer of the tracking number and tracking URL. However we do refund when we receive the merchandise back in good order, but minus our cost of shipping. If the buyer returns the package, refuses it or does not pick it up, we will not refund our cost of shipping. When a package returns to us at no fault of the addressee, at our discretion we may, if the customer requests it, instead of issuing a refund, re-ship the package when the customer "PayPal's" us the cost of shipping.

Customer service

All our customer service matters, including product advice and tracking, order- and payment issues should be addressed to our dispatch manager via our our support ticket system. We can not give purchase-, product- or treatment advice.

USPS delays and wrong tracking status

Mail transit times inside the US can sometimes be up to 12 weeks, as happened with mail sent to the US in January and February 2015. USPS always misrepresents the tracking status of packages already arrived in their sorting center - they list it as "Origin post is preparing shipment"  until USPS finally makes its first scan ("arrived at unit"). This can be more than two entire months after it actually arrived in the US. The problem lies not with us, the sender, our mail service or even with US customs. The fault lies with USPS. USPS blames their ground handling crews when pressed by national postal services but to the public they pretend there are no delays. The only country with enormous delays certain times of the year is the United States, and it is a disgrace for USPS to blame it on the sending country's postal service. When we started to ask our customers to complain to the Postmaster General, USPS again claimed we were to blame but at the end of their letter finally admitted that the cause was in fact in the United States itself:

Read the details about this issue here. There we also provide the private address of the Postmaster General. Letters of protest sent to her qualify customers for a 25% refund. Again, "Origin post is preparing shipment" always means, four or more days after the shipping date: "Package has arrived in the US but USPS has not scanned it yet because they chose to prioritize other mail, and USPS prefers the addressee to think the delay is not caused by USPS or their freight handlers".  Unfortunately, USPS specifically pulls this dirty trick with mail originating from Eastern Europe only, so that it seems it's "Post-Communist incompetent countries" to blame. USPS seems to count on the fact that the negative fallout from US addressees as well as Eastern-European sellers will be manageable in scope, but we are doing our best to make people aware of this issue and we encourage them to send letters of complaint to the Postmaster General's private home address. USPS has been defunded by Congress and every snow storm they move aside Eastern European-originated mail in favor of domestic mail and mail from especially China, because China has a government-level deal with USPS to prioritize their mail. If this situation reoccurs in 2015-2016, we will close our store from December 15 to March 15 for US destinations in 2016-2017.

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