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Vaughter Wellness is a small European company in the health-and beauty sector.  Some of our products, such as C60 olive oil and the Derminator® are manufactured by ourselves in our own manufacturing facilities. Due to the popularity of our products and our desire to keep them affordable, we are sorry to say that we can not give personalized advice any more. Instead, please refer to our dermaneedling forum, articles, user manual PDF's, sales pages or extended product descriptions in our store.

All support issues should be addressed to our support ticket system (CLICK HERE)

More information can be found at "Why choose us?" and the about page for Sarah Vaughter.

We do not give out email addresses anymore, since we have eight employees and three support people and they need to be able to log from anywhere in the world into the support system and assign cases to eachother, management has to be able to verify that an issue exists or that has been solved properly etc. and we need to have a centralized database of all past support cases. Also, having a support ticketing system allows us to anwser with extensive, comprehensive "canned" replies to the same questions that are asked time and time again. Email support simply does not work well for a larger company and that is why most companies similar to ours work the same way. We used to give out Sarah's personal email address as an "emergency" email address, exclusively in case something went catastrophically wrong with the support ticketing system, but on average five people each day abused this trust and went straight to Sarah with the most trivial questions like "hey whatsup, do u still sell those creams?"

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