We serve more than 15000 US customers a year. Everything you can put in your basket is in stock and shipped the next working day. It takes our shipments four days to arrive at US customs. Normal total transit time is 14 days. Of course we fully refund when shipments never arrive.


Blacklisted for gross violations of our T&C

We have explicit permission to publish these details and photographs and can prove this with IP server records. People can only order from us unless they agree that libel or payment disputes and other severe violations of our T&C (such as fraud, libel, blackmail, threats, payment disputes) result in public blacklistings, granting us a non-exclusive right to republish their social media images and private and professional address details. Claiming this consent was not given constitutes the criminal offense of perjury when made under oath, such as when filing a DMCA takedown request. While insults are not illegal in most jurisdictions, threatening and abusive behavior is a crime in most. Credit card/mail fraud and libel with intent to cause financial harm are serious crimes, with the latter punished with a custodial sentence of up to seven jears in our jurisdition. ALL and ANY court orders from our jurisdiction are internationally enforceable without possibility of appeal in your country, and that INCLUDES the United States of America as per explicit advice of our counsel. It is QUICK AND CHEAP to secure a court order against you in our country, and a FORMALITY to get a the local US authorities to enforce your payment of imposed penalties, our legal expenses and awarded damages. When you have any doubt about this, before making more threats or committing further offenses, ask any specialized attorney in the US or in the country you reside in. The more damage you (threaten) to do, the greater the likelihood that we will obtain a court order against you in our jurisdiction and let it be enforced in yours. Again: Ask your own legal counsel whether our counsel is bluffing! As soon as we contact our attorney, to avoid a court order to be executed at your local residence (such as garnishing your wages, confiscating funds from your accounts, auctioning off your property in order to pay damages, court costs, our legal costs and penalties) settling with us will be EXPENSIVE because you'd have to pay for our legal expenses onto that point, our time and compensation for our mental anguish before we agree to drop the case.

Duane Lee Hooton (financial blackmail, threats of defamation and Copyright violation, insults)

Lee Hooton runs his own email server at utahisp.com and it, amateuristically did not relay to him our confirmation emails. When we assured him his order was shipped and that the fault must lie at his email provider, he cursed the living daylights out of us. Told us we were an insignificant little company, that we were incompetent, that we were bad people, that our founder was a "crass, demented woman" etc. etc. When we re-sent him our payment and shipping confirmation emails and told him the tracking nr. would follow as soon as we had it, he threatened with a chargeback unless we would refund him, making Duane Lee Hooton, born in 1960, owner of utahisp.com, married to Nancy Kae Hooton, guilty of crimianl blackmail with intent to benefit financially an amount of more than 200 dollars. Lee Houton also threatened to defame us by means of comitting multiple Copyright violations to construct a false narrative. ksl2@utahisp.com Phone: 801-254-1885 Address: 3376 WEST CREEKSTONE CIRCLE, SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH 84095-9174, USA.

Angel López Sánchez (Criminal defamation)

Angel López Sánchez

Angel Lopez Sanchez placed an order but he specified the wrong delivery address. He rudely demanded a rectification, as if somehow we were responsible for him giving us a wrong address. When we canceled and refunded his order and told him we would not sell to him any further due to his rudeness, he immediately submitted a 1-star Trustpilot review, constituting criminal libel with intent to cause financial damage. angelreus1982@gmail.com
MONASTERIO DE POBLET, N21, 1A REUS, TARRAGONA 43205, Spain and Calle de la Mineta N10, 4-2 Reus 43203, Spain.

Diego Seliman - Ganesha Herbs ($10,000 counterfeiting, Copyright violations)

Diego Seliman runs Ganesha Herbs in Bozeman, Montana and he used to be our customer but then started to sell a counterfeit version of our C60-EVOO product, using our illegally copied text and images to pretend it was our product. Ganesha Herbs, as ebay seller "ganeshaherbs" made more than 10,000 dollars with our counterfeited product, according to eBay's sales statistics. DIEGO SELIMAN, 4360 GLENWOOD DR., UNIT A, BOZEMAN, MONTANA 59718, UNITED STATES.  dseliman@me.com

Diego Seliman Ganesha Herbs

Doran Frederick Perayeff (fraudulent payment dispute)

Frederick Perayeff explicitly agreed to a long transit time for his order after we warned him of that and asked him only to order if he agreed to wait, but when it took longer than he liked, he did not contact us but simply grabbed our money out of our pockets by filing a PayPal "non receipt" dispute. This makes Frederick Perayeff guilty of fraud, since he now has our money while the merchandise will be delivered soon. FREDERICK PERAYEFF, 4925 PICKFORD DRIVE, TROY, MICHIGAN 48085, UNITED STATES. Phone: 2485063123  Email: fperayeff@comcast.net 

Kalia Stevens-Jimerson (credit card fraud)

Kalia Stevens-Jimerson

KALIA STEVENS-JIMERSON made a purchase from us and after it arrived, she filed a "unauthorized transaction" chargeback, making KALIA STEVENS-JIMERSON guilty of credit card fraud. E-mail: kaliastevens@ymail.com  Phone number: 3109386429 Buyer's address 4845 W. 119TH ST HAWTHORNE CALIFORNIA 90250.  Her other address is 13750 Lemoli Ave, Apt 46, Hawthorne, California 90250.

Lena Tran (credit card fraud)

Lena Tran

Lena Tran signed for delivery for a $162 device, tracking nr. RR173297653CZ. Because she made a mistake in her email address (omitting one of the three leading n's), she did not receive our confirmation emails and filed a non-receipt dispute with PayPal. When we informed her of the tracking status and explained that she made a typo in her email address, she admitted to have received the shipment already. She lost the PayPal dispute but then she filed a chargeback. Address: Lena Tran, 15812 BLUEBIRD LN, HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA 92649, USA. nnnguyen1223@gmail.com. Tel. 6573459988.

Jasmine Nguyen / Ngoc Nguyen (credit card fraud)

Jasmine Nguyen

Jasmine Nguyen signed for delivery for a $162 device, tracking nr. RR173297653CZ. Because she made a mistake in her email address (omitting one of the three leading n's), she did not receive our confirmation emails and filed a non-receipt dispute with PayPal. When we informed her of the tracking status and explained that she made a typo in her email address, she admitted to have received the shipment already.  She lost the PayPal dispute but then she filed a chargeback. Address: 8292 Lambert Dr, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, USA. nnnguyen1223@gmail.com. Tel. 6573459988. Ngoc Nguyen is a thief and guilty of mail fraud and credit card fraud.

John Samuel Deering (credit card fraud, criminal libel)

John Deering

John Deering filed a chargeback after he signed for delivery of an item (USPS RR076464264CZ). This makes John Deering, 51, from Waukesha, Wisconsin guilty of credit card fraud. John Samuel Deering therefore is a criminal who stole our money. E-mail: layklife@gmail.com Phone number: (262) 679-7277 Address: 2108 MACARTHUR RD APT 19, WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN 53188, USA. IP address: John Deering also defamed us online: " IF BLACKLIST ME  I WILL HOWEVER DESTROY YOU WITH ALL AVENUES OF SOCIAL MEDIA. "

Robin Scott Fadal (threat of an illegitimate chargeback)

Mr. Robin Scott Fadal, lawyer employed at Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP, Bar Card Number: 24036544 said that "it was completely unacceptable" for a shipment from overseas to take two weeks transit, with Christmas and New Year's in between, even though he had before purchase been notified of, and accepted excessive USPS delays. When we showed him the tracking status (RR214977281CZ , soon to be delivered), he kept threatening to do a chargeback. E-mail: rfadal@hotmail.com   Phone number: 832-483-5285 Address: 28310 JONSPORT LN, SPRING, TEXAS 77386, USA Buyer's IP address: When we blacklisted him for treatening what would in our opinion be credit card fraud, after having warned him not to threaten such again, he repeated his threat so we blacklisted him publicly, as per our T&C he had agreed to. He then said that if we would not remove this blacklisting, he would do a chargeback for the shipment provenly well on his way to him, which would constitute mail fraud/credit card fraud in our opinion.

Rachelle Peterson (illegitimate payment dispute, aggravated criminal libel, murder threats)

Rachelle Peterson

Rachelle Peterson's tracked shipment was delayed due to the customary severe USPS transit delays in the runup to Christmas, and she was repeatedly informed of that and she had priorly agreed to long winter transit delays. In spite of this, she said she would file a chargeback if her expensive shipment would not arrive very soon. When we again explained in great detail, with evidence, why these delays were occuring and warned her that we blacklist people who file fraudulent chargebacks for merchandise provenly on its way to them and delayed by their own postal service, she said that she considered us a criminal organisation and that she would not only file a chargeback but file official complaints of fraud to various authorities. She said we "should stop blaming USPS" and simply use DHL (which would add $70 to the cost of shipping...) This even though she confirmed she had received various shipments of us before in good order, speedily. She also said she would post on social media and to her "extensive network of much more than 10,000 individuals" that we are gangsters. Rachelle Peterson is an "Executive Recruiter and Business Development Executive Enterpreneur" in Chanhassen". She claimed to PayPal that we emailed her "THREATS OF PHYSICAL HARM" and that she therefore is "VERY AFRAID" and that "PAYPAL IS ENABLING OUR DANGEROUS CRIME SYNDICATE". She reported us as a "criminal organization" to USPS, the FBI, our web host, our Registrar, the US Secretary of State, PayPal, the US Postmaster General as well as all her Facebook friends, her LinkedIn network, Google Reviews and a variety of skincare forums. She also said she will try to shut down our website via our registrar. She started cyberstalking us by libeling us on our YouTube channel and publicly claiming we are "Holocaust deniers". She also said she would disassemble our Derminator® in order  to find "evidence of bad things" and she claimed publicly that we plagiarize our content, have no dermaneedling expertise, do not manufacture our own products (Derminator and C60-EVOO) and that we are scammers with bad products.  RACHELLE PETERSON, 9630 INDEPENDENCE CIR, UNIT 101, CHANHASSEN, MINNESOTA 55317, USA. E-mail: rachellea.peterson@gmail.com  Phone number: 9523344900. IP:  Rachelle Peterson has made several direct death threats against a named individual: "We have decided 2018 will be your last year. We will talk with you soon". Note how "Origin Post is preparing shipment" is USPS' way to hide that they did not yet scan the shipment for import, preferring to prioritize other mail. This criminal used the following billing address: Rachelle A Peterson, c/o Paul Jay Taunton, 9980 Deerbrook Drive, Chanhassen, Minesota 55317, United States. Paul Taunton is the founder and CEO of Business Impact Group (BIG).

Maria Cores (fraud)

Maria Cores filed a PayPal claim for an item, delayed in the mail due to Christmas time. She was informed of these delays but she did not care and filed a claim anyway. She will receive our property, while we will not get paid. mariacores_2@hotmail.co.uk Phone 07966495114. 3 GARRAWAY HOUSE, KINGSWOOD ESTATE, LONDON, KENT SE21 8PD, UK.

Amy Perry (fraud)

Amy Perry

Amy Perry made a $45 purchase from us and didn't like the long USPS delays in the runup to Christmas, even though she had agreed to accept those and not ask for a refund. She demanded a refund anyway for this untracked shipment, refusing to offer us any compensation for shipping & packing or even an apology. Since it was an untracked shipment, we had no other option but to refund her. So far, we have not received our property back. Amy Perry, 10381 FM 1485 RD, CONROE, TEXAS 77306-7407, USA. E-mail: aperry94@yahoo.com Phone number: 9365378237

Jonathan Montana (blackmail, defamation)

In the runup to Christmas, having been informed of exactly why there were severe USPS delays, Jonathan Louis Montana rudely said he would soon do a chargeback for the shipment we sent, because he said he didn't care about anything else but a speedy delivery, and any delays were our problem.

Jonathan Montana

When we told Jonathan L. Montana (employed as an Embedded Kernel Lead at Cavium Inc.) that a fraudulent chargeback would result in a public blacklisting, Mr. Montana said that he thought we were criminals and fraudsters. He said that he would do as much damage to our reputation as possible by posting on many forums, over many days that we are fraudsters. He would complain with the Better Business Bureau and with "your local agencies". He said he would continue to ruin our business unless we would refund him immediately. Jonathan Montana (born 1978), 2250 MONROE STREET 379, SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA 95050, USA  E-mail: montana_jonathan@yahoo.com  IP address:  Phone number: 4083963788

ANNIE VENESKY (ANN M VENESKY) (threats, insults, sabotage, defamation)

Ann Venesky purchased a Derminator machine from us, treated herself and made the following mistakes: 

(1) She did not do a test patch on her skin, to see how it heals, contrary to our advice in our user guidelines. (2) She did not read the user manual and admitted that instead of selecting that the needle cartridge mounted had 9 needles, she erroneously selected 1 needle. (3) She, being a disciple of self-appointed "Guru" K.P. Khalsa, a fraudulent "make money online" scammer who practices (dangerous!) medicine without a license, allowed him to prescribe her the powerful medicinal herbs Sarsaparilla and Gotu Kola. These herbs contain Corticosteroids and precursors to Corticosteroids, substances which are known in the medical literature to greatly impair the healing of skin injuries. There are no chemicals more dangerous to skin injury healing than Corticosteroids. We warn in our online materials against using these.

Ann Venesky claimed that our machine ruined the skin on her forehead, but she admitted that she'd treated the rest of her face with our machine as well and that that skin was healed perfectly within six days. Yet she claimed that our machine clearly is faulty and somehow only damaged the skin on her forehead and nowhere else on her face. We think that if our machine would have been faulty, of course it should damage the skin in other places and not just on a specific location only. She refused to provide evidence that her forehead skin was negatively affected. We had asked her for before- and after pictures.

When we challenged the credibility and honesty of her Guru master and when we explained the issue with the Corticosteroids, Ann Venesky became absolutely furious and vowed to "FUCK YOU UP" etc. She said: "THE FDA IS COMING FOR YOUR STUPID C#NTY ASS SARAH. WE AMERICANS CAN F#CK PEOPLE PRETTY GOOD AND YOU'RE NEXT." and "See you in HELL BITCH. I am now going to F#CK YOU AND DESTROY YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO MY FACE, YOU LYING C#NT. F#CK YOU SARAH. YOUR BUSINESS IS DEAD. STOP LYING. THE DERMINATOR WILL BE TERMINATED, SARAH. TERMINATED."

Strange that Ann Venesky follows a male Guru because she hates men: "I will send the Med Mafia for you Sarah. We're coming. You are a LIAR and a piece of excrement Sarah. I am only ashamed that you are a woman behaving like a man. You bring shame to our sex." 

190 EAST 17TH ST. APT 6E, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 11226, UNITED STATES email: avenesky@hushmail.com,  annvenesky@peoplepc.com  tel. 9175263152 IP: Ann M. Venesky (D.O.B. May 1975) is a Proofreader/Copyeditor at CTI.

Adele Ryan McDowell (fraud)

Adele Ryan McDowell

Adele McDowell calls herself a "Teacher, Writer and Psychologist" and her site is adeleryanmcdowell.com. After receiving our merchandise, Adele McDowell filed a fraudulent chargeback with as reason: "Never ordered from that company - someone stole my card details". We can prove that that is a lie. We were fined $20 for the chargeback on top of our loss. E-mail: armcdowell@aol.com and adeleryanmcdowell@gmail.com. Phone number: 203-561-7848. Address: 55 STONEBRIDGE ROAD WILTON CONNECTICUT 06897, USA.  IP address:

William Windsor-King (illegitimate payment dispute, libel)

William Windsor-King

William Windsor-King filed a fraudulent "Item not received" claim, 5 days after we shipped from abroad to the UK, and he also tweeted and posted on Facebook that we are criminals that take money but do not ship. Mr. William Windsor-King also emailed our local Police department, claiming we're a criminal organization that should be investigated. He said he would "come and visit you" and he used the word "kill" to describe what he was going to do to us. We must defend ourselves against his threat of, and I quote: "I have just tweeted all over Twitter & Facebook all your twisted replies & I linked in Interpol on Twitter asking for your company to be investigated ;) watch this space because I'm not finished with you people you think you can take peoples money then threaten to blacklist anyone who complains lmfao you're not right in the head . If my money is not returned then I will make sure your owners pay for it one way or another." E-mail: williamwindsor@ymail.com  Phone number: 07762830351.  Address: 44 TALL TREES PARK HURN BOURNEMOUTH DORSET BH23 6TT, UK. IP address: Note: Mr. Windsor-King is accused of several more instances of fraud by other parties.

Jessica E Rosario (fraud)

Jessica E Rosario

Jessica Rosario obtained a full refund on the fraudulent claim that two of our shipments never arrived. However, one shipment of $27.25 did arrive and was received by her, and the other shipment was sent tracked to her but she refused to pick it up in the post office. The total amount was $ 102.25.When confronted with the evidence and warned that she'll be blacklisted unles she returns the stolen money, she became very rude and said "I have no idea what you're talking about - leave me alone". E-mail: jess_rosario@yahoo.com Phone number: 9786063322  Address: 113 BEACON AVE APT B LAWRENCE MASSACHUSETTS 01843. IP:

Scott Sadlon (illegitimate refund, sabotage, defamation) 

Scott Joseph Sadlon
Image used with the explicit permission of Scott Joseph Sadlon, licensing-for-republication rights granted on August 29, 2017 from IP address Unique browser signature: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/60.0.3112.113 Safari/537.36. False DMCA claims will result in legal action in his jurisdiction, additional libel will result in legal action as well.

Scott Sadlon of Center Point Real Estate Investment LLC made a serious omission in his delivery address and when the items returned to us due to his error, he demanded we re-ship it at no extra charge because, in his extremely rudely voiced opinion, it was our responsibility to make sure that the addresses supplied by our customers worldwide were complete and correct. He pointed out that this was a rather basic mistake of ours and that we were incompetent. He also falsely claimed that we were in violation of PayPal's rules, claiming that we should ignore the delivery address he typed in our store but taking PayPal's stored default shipping address instead. Alternatively to re-shipping at our expense, he tried to strong-arm us into a full refund.

When we refunded him the amount but minus our $7 cost of shipping, he proceeded to try and shut down our company by attempting to get our domain names shut down at our registrar, as well as our domain hosting. He did this by claiming we are a criminal organisation in violation of US federal law - which made Scott Joseph Sadlon of Center Point Real Estate Investment guilty of libel with intent to do financial harm, a prisonable offense under US law. Aggravating circumstance is that he made his email look like coming from an official source, hoping it would increase the likelihood of us losing our business income, permanently or temporarily, by losing our domain name or hosting.  Scott Joseph Sadlon. D.O.B. August 31, 1962.  http://scottsadlon.com BrevardAgent@gmail.com  tel. 3215498856 SCOTT SADLON, 675 ATZ RD, MALABAR, FLORIDA FL 32950, UNITED STATES. IP:

Megan Marie Bjorkman (fraud)

Megan Marie Bjorkman

Megan Bjorkman filed a fraudulent "Item not received" dispute with Paypal for $150 as soon as we emailed her that we had shipped her order and would email her the tracking number RR154093309CZ. She filed the dispute less than 24 hours after she placed the order, making this significant mail fraud. We informed her employer of her fraud. Megan Marie Bjorkman is a District Account Manager at The Magnet Group. The address of the criminal: MEGAN BJORKMAN, 6901 GROVE CREST DRIVE, AUSTIN, TEXAS 78736, UNITED STATES. Phone: 4808868899. Mbjork87@gmail.com and meganb@themagnetgroup.com.

Katherine (Kathy) Frieberg (fraud, insults)

Kathy (Katherine) Frieberg demanded that we'd solve a stuck tracked shipment in Canadian Customs "ASAP", even though she was aware of the tracking status being "in customs". She refused to contact Customs herself and denied that she had engaged into a binding contract with us to have up to three months patience in case of stuck shipments, since internal Canadian transit times recently had gotten extremely out of control. We immediately refunded her, however but told her using "ASAP" in this context was rude. She then called us "crazy" and "mentally ill" etc. When we asked her to confirm that she would send our property (a high three-figure amount) back to us when it would arrive, she repeatedly refused to do so and called us FRAUDULENT. She then wrote: "My Husband is a very prominent Jewish Lawyer", implying that her lawyer husband (David Frieberg) approved of knowingly falsely accusing us of being fraudulent as well as apparently planning to unlawfully keeping our property. We warned the Friebergs several times that we publicly blacklist people, according to our T&C they explicitly agreed to, when they insult us and accuse us of having comitted a crime, especially when the signs are that they will commit a crime against us. Katherine Frieberg, 421 BEDFORD PARK AVE. NORTH YORK ONTARIO M5M1K2, CANADA. kathyfrieberg@gmail.com

Ward Richard Lambert and Sherran Lea Lambert (fraud)

Sherran Lea Lambert and Ward R Lambert purchased for 83 dollars merchandise in our store and when we emailed them the next day that we had shipped, they filed a "non receipt" claim with PayPal, which immediately got escalated to a claim, with our only option to refund. Ward and Sherran Lambert, 32202 Poplar Avenue, Blanca, Colorado 81123, USA. Tel. 8083394535.

Nadja Baran (fraud)

Nadja Baran

Nadja Baran (journalist) bought for EUR 48.98 in our store and then went on a holiday so she was not at home to receive the package. She had also made a mistake in formatting her address, putting the house number not behind the street but on a separate line. Instead of contacting us to give us an opportunity to re-send or file an inquiry with the post office, she filed a PayPal dispute and thus took the money out of our account. When we warned her that she had actively agreed with our T&C that state that we publicly blacklist people who file a payment dispute, she promised she would cancel the dispute - but she broke that promise.  NADJA BARAN, AGRIPPASTRASSE 31, MAINZ, DEUTSCHLAND. 

Carisa Linn Prentice (fraud)

Carisa Linn Prentice

Carisa Linn Prentice filed a fraudulent chargeback with the fake reason: "did not place any orders with this company" after she ordered from us and made a mistake in the delivery address (as well as in the email address), which resulted in the shipment ending up in limbo in the postal system. Instead of contacting us she simply filed a chargeback, making us incur a hefty chargeback fine and a blemish on our payment processing record, in effect accusing us of fraud. The delivery address was specified as Peggy Prentice, 452 W. NEES AVE. APT. FRESNO CALIFORNIA 93711. Note how she forgot to specify the apartment number. Our total damage: Over 200 USD.  Address: 2069 W. Birch Ave., Fresno, California 93711. Email: Prenticeplace@sbcglobal.net.  Phone: 559-346-8262.

Lisa Wright (defamation, copyright violations, criminal threat)

Blacklisted for the criminal libel of knowingly making false statements with malicious intent to cause financial harm:


email: blowfelt007@virginmedia.com
Phone: 07941494868

The libel is published on TrustPilot reviews/592aba5769020e0a70683d35

Lisa Wright also violated our Copyright and wrote "I have your address", calling us a "scammer" in the same sentence as "I will make a personal visit to come and see you."  We contacted the Police in her local jurisdiction.

JingJing Du (fraud)

JingJing Du

Jing Jing Du bought for hundreds of dollars merchandise from us, which we shipped with tracked priority airmail. USPS at the moment causes transit delays and did not scan it in yet, which we told her. She then filed a chargeback with as reason: "Fraudulent card use - I never bought from that store". This makes JingJing Du guilty of Mail Fraud. Our tracked shipment will be delivered to her or has already been received, while we're out of hundreds of dollars for a medical skin improvement device and associated products.  JingJing Du, 389 BELMONT ST, QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS 02170, USA. Email: dujingjing1@gmail.com Phone: 6173098811. Jing Jing Du has defrauded many other merchants.

Valentina Palazzo  (criminal libel)

Valentina Palazzo

Valentina Palazzo accused us of lying about shipping by priority airmail and rudely demanded why her order hadn't arrived yet, two weeks after we shipped. But Easter was in between and two weeks' transit time is the average, without major holidays in between so we explained her this, and told her we did not appreciate she calling us liars and being rude to us. She responded by reiterating that she was certain, because she was an expert in the Royal Mail's itl. mail processing matters, since she "buys a lot from overseas" (we however ship over 1500 parcels/year to the UK alone) and she said she could do great damage to our reputation (and thus destroy our company) if she'd call us rude, incompetent liars online. She then indeed comitted criminal libel by publicly claiming on Trustpilot: "They are also ripping off hundreds of their customers, they get the money but do not deliver goods.". We will have this crime prosecuted in the UK, since she is a UK resident and we are a UK company.

We searched for her name and she routinely accuses companies she does business with to be criminal organizations, saying those companies are fakes that steal customer's money. Oxfam was accused of being a criminal organization by her, as well as House of Fraser, Bodybuilding .com, Discount Vitamins And Herbs, Mango etc. It appears that as soon as Ms. VALENTINA PALAZZO gets annoyed by a postal transit delay or any other issue, and the company does not profusely apologize when she rudely accuses and complains, she will drag that company's name through the dust as revenge.  VALENTINA PALAZZO, 9 SHEENDALE ROAD, RICHMOND, SURREY TW9 2JJ, UNITED KINGDOM.  zazel.uk@gmail.com

Mary Clark  (fraud)

Mary Clark was asked to refuse a tracked shipment RR560276205CZ so it would be returned to us and we would refund her. Instead she filed a PayPal payment claim, depriving us of £ 194.53 and the shipment was delivered to her and she never returned it. MARY CLARK, 17 MEADOW RISE, TIFFIELD, TOWCESTER, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE NN12 8AP, UNITED KINGDOM. Tel. 7764476628. Email:  maryclarka@gmail.com

Lana Sito (defamation, insults)

Lana Sito pleaced an order but she refused to provide her surname, which we did not know at that stage (later we used sleuthing to discover her surname for the purpose of this blacklisting) When we asked her to provide it, she refused and became beligerent, accusing us of all kinds of fictional transgressions. The conversation ended with her telling us: "Go Fuck yourself!", "Go to hell", "You're impolite" and "I will tell everyone that you have no customer service". She said she would do as much damage to our company as she could possibly manage by emailing all her friends about us and putting up bad reviews of our company. Lana Sito, 8 BRIDLEFIELD LANE, MARKHAM, ONTARIO L6C2B9, CANADA LSGML2614@gmail.com, tel.  (905) 927-9494

Rhonda Schwarz (fraud, blackmail)

Rhonda L Schwarz, Cincinnati

One day after we emailed her that we had shipped her order, she told us that she had bought somewhere else and that she wanted to cancel. When we informed her that it was already shipped, she very rudely demanded a refund or she would file a chargeback. She filed a PayPal dispute for "not as described" when she received the merchandise and told us that unless we would pay for return shipping, she would not return the merchandise but file a chargeback instead, which would make us incur a twenty dollar fine as well. Rhonda L. Schwarz, 5122 ROMOHR ROAD, CINCINNATI, OHIO 45244-102, USA. tel. 5133005033 email: rvioux1108@gmail.com

Peter Markham (fraud)

Peter Markham, Hull
Peter Markham from Hull filed a fraudulent "not received" claim with PayPal after having waited just 5 days for a shipment to arrived while New Year's was in between. He never contacted us and he was informed that the shipment would be sent from mainland Europe, so he knew 100% certain that the shipment could not have arrived in such a short time. This makes Peter Markham from Hull (Sales Advisor at Topman) guilty of mail fraud. PETER MARKHAM,  126 BROOKLANDS ROAD SPRING BANK, HULL (Kingston upon Hull), YORKSHIRE HU55AF, UNITED KINGDOM (GREAT BRITAIN) . Phone: 0785434937. Email: themarkhams62@gmail.com.

Kathleen Kelly (fraud)

Kathleen Kelly
Kathleen Kelly purchased for USD 76 merchandise from us and as soon as she received the merchandise, she filed a fraudulent chargeback without contacting us. Our damage is 96 dollars, since we were fined 20 dollars for the chargeback. The details of the criminal: KATHLEEN KELLY, 637 RIDGEWOOD ROAD, MAPLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY 07040, UNITED STATES.

Lawrence and Carol Ridley (fraud)

Instead of contacting us (our payment processor did not notify our store of their purchase), Carol Ridley and Lawrence Ridley from London treated us like criminals by filing an "unauthorized" chargeback. We were issued a $20 fine and risk losing our payment processor when we get too many chargebacks. As per our T&C they agreed to, they gave us permission to publish their details in case they would file a payment dispute:  LAWRENCE RIDLEY, 58 WHITMORE CLOSE, LONDON, LONDON N11 1PB, UNITED KINGDOM. Their emails used were lawrencelondon@gmail.com and carolridley@gmail.com and the IP address from which they agreed with our T&C and public blacklisting in case they would file a chargeback was Their phone number is 07841506859. We publish this data so that other vendors can incorporate this data into their customer screening systems and avoid similar damage to the finances and risk to their future.

Bibbi Shahrokni (criminal defamation)


BIBBI SHAHROKNI (Seydeh Bibbi Roxana Shahrokni) rudely asked why we charged her VAT, suggesting we were dishonest. When we explained what VAT was, she said that she never heard of VAT. When we told her that we declined further purchases from her, she said she would do her best to damage our reputation online and she filed a report on pissedconsumer.com, claiming we are a criminal organization that defrauds people. BIBBI SHAHROKNI, TIMOTEJVäGEN 40, SOLLENTUNA, STOCKHOLM 19269, SWEDEN. She gave us permission to publish her personal data from IP address on November 25, 2016. bibbishahrokni@hotmail.com, tel. 0761849034.

Paul Gustar / Julie Gustar (fraud)

Paul Gustar Julie Gustar fraud

Notorious convicted criminal Paul Gustar from Cornwall stole GBP 165.64 from us on November 30, 2016 by filing a fraudulent chargeback. Paul Gustar was issued a suspended 18-month sentence for fraud for an amount of GBP 100,000. His wife Julie Gustar was an accomplice to the fraud perpetrated against us. The addresses the criminals gave to us: Julie Gustar, Higher Predannack Wollas Farmhouse, Predannack Wollas, Predannack, Mullion, Helston, Cornwall TR12 7EZ, United Kingdom and The Old Shop, Fore Street, Hessenford, Torpoint, Cornwall PL11 3HJ, UK. The fraudster Julie Gustar used julie.gustar@yahoo.com and de gangster Paul Gustar used paul.gustar@ymail.com. Julie Gustar claims to works as a nail technician at Triquetra Nail & Design and her phone number is +44-1326241689. The last time the fraudster was in court, the judge said: "You are a fortunate man. Leave with your wife. Next time I shall show no mercy.". Mr. and Mrs Gustar actively gave us permission to publish this data and they granted us permission to reproduce their photographs. Permission was given on November 24 from IP address Our server time was 09:28 PM and the browser user agent string used was Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/54.0.2840.99 Safari/537.36. Mr. Gustar is the one who created the account with us (under  paul.gustar@ymail.com) and consented to our T&C clause of public blacklisting when a fraudulent dispute was filed for the order, and it was Mrs. Gustar (julie.gustar@yahoo.com) who was the addressee and the owner of the PayPal account who committed the actual fraudulent dispute. Update: The criminal took delivery of our merchandise ten days ago, on October 3, 2016 and we have not received it back (he should have refused delivery so it would have been returned to us, if he really "never ordered it":

Paul Gustar fraud

Lelena Azarmsa (fraud)

Lelena Azarmsa

Fraudulent chargeback - USD 157
Lelena Azarmsa demanded a refund because she decided not to want to use our merchandise after all, after we shipped it.  When we declined, she filed a chargeback, claiming she never ordered the goods. However she signed for delivery, USPS tracking nr. RR434989664CZ. The thief Lenena Azarmsa designs luxury handbags ("Helena handbags"). Our entire conversation with her which proves fraud is here: Lelena Azarmsa is a thief.

Lelena Azarmsa fraud

Serge Beck / Lori Beck (fraud)

Serge Beck

Fraudulent chargeback - USD 190

Ainisa Aissaoui AKA Rafika Bouterfas (defamation)

AINISA AISSAOUI was rude and accusatory to our customer service department so we canceled her order, refunded her and declined to do further business with us. She then blackmailed us by saying that unless we would take her order, she would do damage to our reputation online. When we told her that if she would not retract her threat we would blacklist her in accordance to our T&C she agreed to, she declared that she had no objection to such as blacklisting and that she would still defame us online. AINISA AISSAOUI runs Veva Events, organising strippers and drag queens.

David M Katz (fraud)

David M Katz

David M Katz is an attorney at dkatzlaw.com. He defrauded us in a particularly brazen way by filing a "non receipt" claim with our payment processor as soon as our store emailed him that we shipped his order. His wife Sarah Katz is in on the fraud: She made the payment and revoked it again. In addition to the mail fraud, David Katz made a false statement to PayPal in order to unlawfully obtain our property. Mr. Katz claims the following about his law practice in New York: "Our firm is built on a foundation of integrity, ethics and honor". In our opinion, attorney David Michael Katz of 12 Edwin Ln, Monsey, NY 10952-3101 has no integrity, no ethics and no honor. More info on David Katz in New York's fraud.

Debra Washington (insults, defamation)

Debra Washington

Debra Washington called us "bitch" for declining to waive our $7 tracking fee to apartment addresses. She said she'd do everything she could think of to ruin our business. aboutbizzness@gmail.com

Mark Boardman (fraud, $179)

Jon Piana & Jesy Joy (fraud, $65)

Robert Lyle Kindelan (criminal defamation, blackmail)

Katie E. Nicol (criminal libel, theft by Katie Nicol, criminal blackmail, fraud)

How Katie Nicol stole from us and committed criminal libel. Katie Nicol, a resident of Victoria, Australia, used the false name "Marisa Lavars" when she mistakenly ordered a Derminator machine with a EU plug, not AU plug. We initially believed her claim that we made the mistake so we said we would exchange the device, but when we saw that the mistake was hers, we offered to pay for a universal travel adapter instead. She called us "spastic" and said that we were lying and that the mistake was ours, not hers, in spite of the fact that the purchase record, invoice, packing list, customer backend order info and confirmation email all showed a EU-plug machine. She said that we must have falsified that data and demanded a full refund.

When we declined, Katie Nicol filed a fraudulent "not as described" claim with PayPal. PayPal told her to send the machine back to us for a refund. Katie Nicol sent us an empty box and PayPal refunded her, since she could show a tracking number. Our customs office found it strange that that box was empty, upon X-raying, and called us. Packages from outside the EU are inspected and we always need to provide an invoice and a detailed description of the contents for VAT statistics purposes. They were puzzled and asked us what to do with the empty package. We told them to send it back. We have an official statement from customs that the package was completely empty (withoutthem opening it - it was established by X-raying), and the tracking info shows the weight of an empty box - she did not even bother to put a brick in it - probably because it saved her money on shipping. When we showed this evidence to PayPal, they refunded us and said they would take action against Katie Nicol. We preserved evidence of this and publish this evidence in the articles linked to here.

Katie Nicol went on to commit the prisonable offense (in Australia) of aggravated criminal libel: Libel committed in full knowledge that the defamatory claims are false, with intent to do financial damage. She posted all over the Internet ("owndocscam.com", "ripoffreport.com" that we "violated her privacy", that we "sent her the wrong product", that we "refused to compensate her" for that etc. It is correct that we publicly blacklisted her, because we do not like to be robbed, insulted, threatened and libeled by a sociopath. Katie Nicol explicitly agreed with public blacklisting in case she would commit fraud or libel. Our company prides itself on its honesty and fraud is so repugnant to us that we decide to fight back. It's not the loss of money that bothers us (it's a tiny percentage of our turnover), it's the breach of trust, the violation felt when insulted, defrauded and defamed by a "customer" that we will not tolerate. If we would be some kind of money-grabbing scammers ourselves, we might consider it part of the cost of doing business. But we are particularly sensitive to dishonesty (the articles on our site bear witness of that) and we fight back against fraud, threat of libel or not. If you decide to defraud us too and warn you will try to destroy our company with false claims online if we publicly blacklist you, you can be assured that the moment you make your threat, you will be publicly exposed as the criminal you are for as long as we live, and very likely much, much longer.

Wafa El Bialy (credit card fraud $202)

Christine Watson

Nina Passalaqua

David Singer (credit card fraud $83)

David Karol Taki

Norman Shipley (credit card fraud, $54)

Arren Brandt (credit card fraud, $229)

Thomas Choi (credit card fraud, $199)

Myong Cha Prescott (credit card fraud, $199)

Erica Roberts

Deborah Styles

Shirley Brown (credit card fraud, $234)

Steven Moylan

James Riedeman

Blanca Vega

Lori Crosby

Sharon Lane

Yonia Bandy

Svitlana Balog

Laurie Norrman

Louise Lin

Andrew Delson

Joanne Currow

Joanne Currow

Christel Gezels

Jonathan Skelton

Nicolas Ivan Vergara-Smith

Cheryl Pennington

Nicholas Myers (criminal defamation)

Wendy Benson / Peter M Cutler

Dana Meredith (fraud)

For corporate scammers that drew our negative attention, see the scam section of our website.

Why we publicly blacklist thieves, libelers and blackmailers

We have made approx. 100,000 sales to approx. 50,000 customers over many years. Our fraud percentage is extremely low, approx. 50 customers in total (1 in 1000 customers or 0.1%). Any customer who we deem in violation of our T&C will be blacklisted here and elsewhere. We pride ourselves on our honesty. We ALWAYS refund customers when their shipment gets lost in the mail, tracked or not, but we sometimes expect that the customer waits for the resolution of a postal inquiry. Any attempt to strong-arm us into giving premature refunds, any type of threats, any type of libel, any type of fraud or payment dispute for whatever reason will result in a permanent public blacklisting here and on sites we do not control as per our T&C. Trying to intimidate us, threatening bad reviews won't work and will make matters worse! We are honest and we expect our customers to trust us and work with us to resolve any issues. We always make sure that issues are resolved ethically - our hard-won reputation depends on it - we don't advertize, it's all word of mouth. Our products are of exceptional quality and our service and information are exceptional as well. Our prices are low. In return, we expect our customers to abide by our T&C they agreed to. There exist many negative "reviews" of our company online - all have been made by competitors, people with ideological differences (who do not like our investigative journalism into health scams) and people taking revenge for being blacklisted here. We discuss these fake "reviews", made by some of the people listed below, here. People who like to do chargebacks should not order from us in the first place. They can shop at eBay or Amazon and buy Chinese crap instead. We are so good with customer service that when a customer tells us an item arrived damaged, we let them keep it but send two replacements. We are the only company that pays for return postage when a return can't be avoided. And we refund lost packages based on trust, even when untracked.

All personal and corporate data on customers published with their explicit, active permission in accordance with our T&C

We reserve the right to report file a mail fraud complaint with the US Postal Inspection Service at http://ehome.uspis.gov/fcsexternal/default.aspx.

In severe cases or cases paired with threats of defamation we may file a police report for fraud plus blackmail by threat of commiting a felony against us (libel is a class 6 felony) with the US embassy in our country of operations in Europe. Severe cases will be referred to the police or an attorney for litigation in the jurisdictions of our choice. Any type of online libel will result in a settlement proposal by our attorney, which, when declined, will be followed by (a) supoena(s) for the IP address (chain) and (b) lawsuit(s) in the jurisdiction(s) of our choice. Note that as per international agreeements, court rulings in any western country are instanly enforceable without delay or appeal in any other western country such as the US, and that especially includes rulings to raise owed money for legal costs by a bailiff confiscating personal property such as bank accounts, real estate and other property. UK court orders are fully enforceable in the entire Anglo-Saxon world for example.

How we deal with libel

Some people whom we blacklisted or who have a problem with us exposing certain scammers decide to anonymously libel us online or allow such libel to stand on their publishing platform. We always either settle for damages or sue (an example here), and you can not hide behind anonimity or any type of "free speech" law, not even in the US, not with the quality of the specialised libel attorneys we use. You will find this out soon enough when our lawyer sends you a letter - and at that stage YOU will have to pay for OUR legal services at the bare minimum, and that's even without the money for the settlement to avoid a court case where you'll be convicted to pay penalties on top of that. We'll lose hundreds of thousands of dollars when we allow libel to stand, so we're prepared to spend many tens of thousands to litigate even the smallest libel case. Someone's IP address is trivially obtainable via a supoena to the website where the libel is published. From the IP address, the physical address where you posted is trivially obtainable via a supoena to the ISP. Hiding behind "anonimizer services" will only slightly delay obtaining the originating IP address, because all such proxies retain logs of the IP addresses of their customers and the time and place of posting and they all cooperate with law enforcement. Even when it proves impossible to retain your IP address, we will use the actual content as sufficient evidence to let our attorney obtain copies of your data carriers in an attempt to discover incriminating evidence. If you force us to use an attorney to get you prosecuted or come to a settlement, we always create a heavily search-engine-optimized page for your name about the criminal case (malicious libel is a prisonable offense in all western countries and the least you can expect is very severe penalties and damages) where we will expose all information we can obtain about you, as per our T&C you explicitly agreed to. That page will only be removed after a settlement or when you obtain a court order for us to take the page down. Us winning a case against you means you pay penalties, damages, court costs and attorneys' fees and our blacklisting remains.

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