We serve more than 15000 US customers a year. Everything you can put in your basket is in stock and shipped the next working day. It takes our shipments four days to arrive at US customs. Normal total transit time is 14 days. Of course we fully refund when shipments never arrive.

Terms & Conditions

Also part of our terms and conditions are the following three chapters linked to below, please read them before agreeing to this binding contract under the applicable laws in the UK and your country of residence. We log the customer's IP address in addition to name, street address etc. at the time of agreeing to these T&C and we have server logs that show that the customer's IP address visited this page so we can prove in a court of law that the customer actively clicked on "I agree" to these terms:

Mail transit time

Returns, refunds & guarantee


We only advertise what we have in stock

We guarantee that we never accept payment for products we can't ship within three working days. This "3 day rule" is only for exceptional cases, with illness in our dispatch center etc. Normally an order is shipped the same or the next working day.

Our prices depend on the USD exchange rate

Our prices are based on the USD and prices displayed in other currencies in our store fluctuate with their exchange rates to the US dollar. The reason is that our largest market is the US (so we receive USD), but, more importantly, all our major suppliers accept only USD. This means that we run a wholly USD-based business and, in order to maintain a fixed profit margin, we have to calculate our sales prices in USD.

No warranty on packaging materials

We accept no liability for damaged packaging (damaged on arrival or damaged by the customer). Specifically, when the plastic tube the dermarolling instruments are packaged in is damaged during opening it or if its lid does not close anymore. This type of packaging is useful and functional but is not intended to be fully intact or hermetically re-closable after opening. The tubes our instruments come in are to be considered "sturdy packaging" and not part of the actual product.

Order combining

We will try to combine orders when you ask us to (we also try to do it when you don't ask us), but we do not refund for postage, since postage is based mainly on weight and the combined order is often sent tracked due to its value, and tracking is more expensive and paid by us. Also, combining orders involves more care as it is a deviation from the normal routine, as well as the extra work involved in communication with the customer. In some cases, when the cost of shipping would be much less in a combined order, we refund the difference.

Mail transit time of the order

We guarantee that we dispatch orders within three working days of the order. US customers should take into account that due to various factors beyond our control, US mail processing delays for itl. mail may take 12 weeks (well-documented and proven in our Shipping & Tracking section). USPS in that case will misrepresent the tracking status, as is explained in our Tracking section. Customers outside the US should receive their order within three weeks, usually much sooner. US customers place their order in the knowledge about these possible 12-week delays and explicitly agree they will not file payment disputes during that period.

Incomplete or wrong addresses

When the customer has used the wrong or incomplete shipping address, even when a single character is omitted, added or erroneous, we can not be held liable for a non-delivery.

Disappeared tracked shipments to non-residential addresses for which the postal service claims delivery

We only guarantee delivery of untracked shipments, untrackeable tracked shipments and tracked shipments sent to a residential address. The reason being that in our experience it is much more likely for a shipment to get lost or stolen when delivered to a company. So when the postal service claims a shipment has been delivered and our examiniation finds that the address had multiple people present who were able to sign for delivery, we consider the shipment to be delivered and any disappearance of theft of the merchandise to be the responsibility of the buyer and we will only issue a refund when the merchandise has returned to us.

We decline to ship to company addresses when it's not a company order

Since an order by a private individual to their place of employtment  usually involves the handover of the shipment to a person other than the addresse, this involves extra risk for us and we will cancel and refund such orders, when the order apparently has not been placed on behalf of the company itself.

Addressee agrees to contact their Post office or Postal service in case of transit issue

Before we file an inquiry or grant a refund, the customer agrees to do everything in their power to resolve any delivery issues with their own postal service. When a shipment is shown to be in your local post office for example, you can not expect us to call them from the other side of the planet but we expect you to go there of call them until the issue is resolved. And it is your responsibility to keep tracking the shipment and try and resolve the matter before it is sent back to us, or we will charge a restocking fee and will not sell to you again.

Sales tax, import tax

It is impossible for us to know about the percentages of sales tax and import tax, if any, apply to every country we ship to. Canadians, for example, pay a sales tax on their imports. All import levvies, taxes and fees are the responsibility of the buyer.


The only way we can refund a customer is via the same payment processor that was used for the payment. If the customer or payment processor refuses to accept or process the transaction than we can not be forced to arrange a refund in another manner. It is standard procedure for a bank or card issuer to reserve the amount of a transaction on a card in case of a failed transaction. Transactions usually are declined by US banks when they payment is outside the US. Such reservations on declined transactions do not appear in our transaction logs and hence can not be refunded by us. They are merely fraud-prevention related temporary blocks on the funds from your bank's or card issuer's side and the funds will be released a few days afterwards. We only refund in case we have legal liability to do so.

No-refund policy for the Derminator® device

The Derminator® machine is a medical instrument and treatment involves contaminating the instrument with human blood. For this reason, all sales are final and the only policy we have is one of replacement in case a device is provenly faulty. A few customers in the past got buyers' remorse and demanded to return the machine because we "did not explain how to use it properly" or "because it caused me scars" or "because I ordered the wrong plug" but we never refund in such cases and consider a payment dispute in such cases to be fraud and will treat it as such as per our T&C. Customers should get familiar with our instructional materials before buying the device, and agree (by agreeing to our T&C) to take full responsibility for the results of the medical treatment done with the device.

No customer support, delivery guanrantee or warranty of any kind for customers who circumvented our policy of not selling to certain destinations

Our products are not exported to certain countries or regions within countries. When a person with to us apparent residence in such a region or country circumvented this policy by using a 3rd party to obtain our merchandise, we will not consider this person our customer. If the final user of our merchandise engaged a 3rd party to obtain our merchandise for use in a country we do not ship to, the payer and user(s) of said merchandise agree to waive their rights to product warranty and postal delivery and explicitly agree that the risk of any perceived negative effects of our merchandise is 100% assumed by the payer and user(s) of said merchandise.

Canceling orders and privately blacklisting customers

We reserve the right to cancel an order, refund and in some cases preventing the customer from making further purchases at our sole discretion, not just to protect our business but in many cases also to protect the customer. Reasons for such an action could for example be:

1. We discovered that the customer has a habit of publishing damaging complaints about companies over relative trifles, or without presenting evidence.
2. When the customer uses a SPAM-protection service which demands our manual confirmation of email that our store, support system or staff sends because our automated systems can't manually confirm and hence we would not be able to communicate with our customers.
3. When our store erroneously flagged a payment and failed, and instead of contacting us about it, the customer goes directly to our payment processor, because in such a case we do not know the emotional state of the customer - they can be about to file a chargeback while we already shipped the merchandise in case we identified the mistake already.
4. Another reason for canceling an order would be when the customer's registered address is not complete or erroneous or is a P.O. box.
5. When a customer files any type of payment dispute or defrauds us.
6. Customers who do not use their full, real name in an order, such as using only the first letter of their first name or surname.
7. When a customer asked us to refund them for an untracked shipment that they claim did not arrive. In such cases we believe them on their word, to assume it was stolen in the delivery chain, but we will not take the risk incurring a similar loss again.
8. Customers who put an unreasonable strain on our support staff.
9. Customers who are rude. And example of what we consider disrespect is complaining that we gave a "canned response", when that response perfectly and comprehensively addressed the question. Another example of disrespect is to keep demanding medical advice, even after we explained that we can not lawfully do so. Yet another example of disrespect is to email our CEO with mundane support questions, or filing a support ticket with our CEO for such. More examples of disrespect is when a customer demonstrably falsely accuses us of having bad documentation, being dishonest, incompetent, possibly fraudulent etc. Another example of disrespect is to use all caps.
10. Troublesome customers who clearly have such bad English comprehension skills that they will be unable to understand our documentation.
11. Customers who are deliberately argumentative.
12. Customers who do not follow or understand instructions and explanations and place a great burden on our support system, such as aking for advice on competing products or things that are in our usage guides.
13. People who repeatedly ask questions that are clearly answered on our site, or who submit a list of such questions directly to our CEO.
14. Customers who normally live in blacklisted/blocked/unsupported countries and use a third party to order are blacklisted, as well as the third party.
15. Customers who contact our CEO with issues that do not belong with our CEO, in spite of our clear request not to contact our CEO directly.
16. Customers who attempt to purchase from us and they are in our opinion residents of a country we do not export to.
17. Customers so impolite that they communicate with us in French, Spanish, Portuguese or any other language that is not (understandable!) English.

We realize that blacklisting a customer who purchased a Derminator® machine means they can not purchase needle cartridges any more for the device, and our professional pride prevents us to blacklist such customers, except when they libeled or defrauded us, or were excessively/repeatedly disrespectful.

Public blacklisting in case of chargebacks, payment disputes, 3rd party complaints, libel, plagiarism, counterfeiting, fraud, threats, blackmail, insults, accusations

At our sole discretion, anyone who has agreed to our T&C (this includes people whose payment failed) and:

- who initiates an in our view unfounded payment dispute (to us or to a 3rd party) or chargeback or

- who threatens at least twice to initiate a payment dispute, claim or chargeback, after having been warned of blacklisting at least once, or

- who issues a serious threat to our company (such as: "I will warn everyone about you!") or

- who accuses our company or principals of being immoral, incompetent or engaged in unlawful activities ("I think you are a scam website" etc.) or,

- who insults us in any way, shape or form AND we have very strong evidence that the customer in fact is a criminal or a malicious psychopath/sociopath (= that we can prove that this person is doing great damage to society) or

- who deliberately defrauds us of the tracked shipping fee for addresses our store considers too risky to ship untracked to or

- who sells similar products to ours and violates our Trademarks or Copyright

(this person shall on this page be called "offender") agrees that he or she will be subjected by us to at least consequence (1) in the following list and, when applicable, more of the following: (1) Public blacklisting of the offender's personal and professional details available to us on any site of our choosing. This includes re-publication of photographs, telephone number, IP address, details of the offender's professional history and current employer, criminal history, Internet commenting history etc. The offender gives us explicit permission to do this and all other points (2 to 10) in this paragraph and grants us the irrevocable right to reproduce these materials in this case, renouncing Copyright or Trademark rights to the aforementioned materials in such a case. (2) Reporting the offender to any agency, institute, company or entity that accepts complaints about commercial transactions, companies or people. (3) Reporting the offender to the Police. (4) Reporting the offender to their embassy abroad. (5) Suing the offender in a jurisdiction of our choice. (6) Reporting the offender to VISA or Mastercard. (7) Using a collections agency to obtain our claims against the offender. (8) Informing the offender's friends, family, colleagues, partners, business partners and employer about our view on the dispute or chargeback. (9) Blacklisting in our store. (10) Regular, ongoing communication via the channels of our choice about the dispute, in our attempt to persuade the offender to return the disputed funds or our sold mechandise involved in the dispute. We define as a "serious treat" expressing intent to directly or indirectly cause damage our reputation, business operations or turnover.  The customer agrees that making a threat of privately or publicly complaining about our company to a third party constitutes a severe threat of damage to our company.

We charge a 50 USD fee to remove public blacklistings when no 3rd-party complaints/disputes have been filed yet. The money is payment for our effort in creating the blacklistings. We will only remove a blacklisting in case the customer demonstrates genuine remorse and has a plausible explanation for their actions such as mental illness or severe stress.

We charge a USD 100 fee for our work expended to resolve payment dispute cases filed with a 3rd party if the disputer makes it credible that the dispute or chargeback was an honest mistake and immediately (within 72 hours) pays us back the disputed amount plus any penalties and fees incurred by us. The amount is for our effort in executing any of the points (1..10) listed above, as well as our efforts in resolving the chargeback with our payment processor.

We charge a USD 1,000.00 fee to remove blacklistings when the offender does not inform our payment processor and their bank that it was made in error. This as an insurance against losing our payment processor, because when we incur more than 0.9% chargebacks we will lose the payment processor (which could easily cost us USD 100,000.00 and may even be placed on the TMF, which would mean the bankruptcy of our multi-million dollar company.

The offender agrees to pay us USD 50,000.00 (fifty thousand US dollars) as a refundable-if-unused advance for our legal cost as soon as we discover he/she has misrepresented the dispute in any way to any third party or claimed he/she never agreed to any part of our T&C. The offender agrees to pay our full legal expenditure in case we decide to pursue legal action against him/her in case of in our view misrepresentation of the case. The offender agrees that we can use a collections agency or place liens on his/her property to obtain said USD 50,000.00.

The offender agrees to pay us USD 100,000.00 (hundred thousand US dollars) as a non-refundable initial compensation for our damages as soon as the offender libels us online.

The offender agrees to pay us USD 500,000.00 (five hundred thousand US dollars) as a refundable-if-unused advance for our legal cost as soon as we discover he/she has libeled us after the disputed order was made. The offender agrees to pay our full legal expenditure in case we decide to pursue legal action against him/her in case of in our view libel has occurred. The offender agrees that we can use a collections agency or place liens on his/her property to obtain said USD 500,000.00.

The offender agrees to pay us USD 5,000,000.00 (five million US dollars) as a refundable-if-unused advance for our legal cost as soon as we discover he/she has filed a complaint against our company with any regulatory body, oversight body, government institution, bank, card issuer, consumer organization, web host, domain registrar, payment processor, business rating entity, attorney general, legal- or police organization, or when the offender claims he/she has done so or will do so. The offender agrees to pay our full legal expenditure in case we decide to pursue legal action against him/her in case of in our view libel has occurred. The offender agrees that we can use a collections agency or place liens on his/her property to obtain said USD 5,000,000.00.

Unfounded payment disputes include those initiated because of buyer's remorse, not reading the applicable user guidelines or not understanding the user guidelines and very long transit delays of tracked shipments when we can show evidence of delays in the postal chain.

Legal disclaimer - limiting of liability



It is the customer's responsibility to safely and properly use our products and inspect them before use. The customer agrees that any adverse results of the use or misuse of any of our products is at the sole risk of the customer and that we will never be held liable pertaining the use of our products. Our user guidelines may have errors and omissions and it is up to the customer to use multiple sources of information. The customer agrees to educate themselves on our products, if possible also through third parties. The customer agrees to inspect our products for flaws prior to every use and agrees not to hold us liable for damage caused by our products. The customer agrees to follow all our guidelines for our products and agrees that not following all of these guidelines constitutes gross negligence. The customer agrees and understands that our guidelines can have errors and omissions. We define "Guidelines" as to include our PDF's with instructions, instructions that are enclosed with our products, leaflets included with the order, our sales pages, our store's extended article descriptions, our forum postings, our website's articles and the content of emails exchanged with the customer. The customer agrees and understands that self-treatment can involve risk and requires a thorough understanding of the subject matter as well as following the relevant instructions. The customer agrees never to sue us for damage caused by our products or guidelines. The customer agrees to inspect the products before use and agrees not to use them when faults are discovered. The customer agrees and understands that our guidelines, advice and publications are the personal opinion of laypeople and are not medical advice. The customer understands that self-treatment is never risk-free and agrees to assume full responsibility for any adverse outcomes.

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